Effects & Characteristics of DRY SEPARATOR

By using DRY SEPARATOR ,the following effects are achieved.

Reduce troubles with pneumatic-equipment

Even if the failure occurs only with drainage remover, a pneumatic total system may possibly cause a suspension of operation , therefore , high reliability and stability are required for drainage removers.
Most troubles of pneumatic equipment are caused by contamination of impurities, water droplet and oil droplet in compressed-air. By removing drainage with such contamination, troubles are reduced and serious damages are avoided as a result of increasing an efficient utilization of machineries.

Reduce troubles with pneumatic-equipment

Stabilize Operation of Pneumatic Equipment

Most of downsized direction control valves have a pilot control system with a superfine flow path. If drainage enters into the flow path, a response delay , mal-function, improper operation, etc., will easily occur.
Drainage also washes lubricating oil out of the pneumatic system and causes unstable operation.
By removing drainage through DRY SEPARATOR, the operation of pneumatic equipment is stably maintained.

Stabilize Operation of Pneumatic Equipment

Contribute to Extend Equipment-life

The drainage discharged from the compressor is highly acidic. If it is accumulated in piping,it leads to rust and corrosion.
If it enters into the solenoid valve or speed control valve, malfunction occurs due to the sticking phenomenon.
This drainage also has the property of dissolving substances that tends to shorten equipment-life.
A removal of drainage helps equipment to have a long life as originally designed.

Contribute to  Extend Equipment-life

Improve An Accuracy Of Pneumatic Equipment

Poor quality of compressed-air causes clogging & sticking of impurities and oil droplets in the flow path and also cause air-leakage due to contamination. As a result, An accuracy of equipment is down and an operation error may occur.
In case that compressed air is directly blown to products, drainage contacts products and may cause defective products.
DRY SEPARATOR also works to improve an accuracy of pneumatic equipment.

Improve An Accuracy Of Pneumatic Equipment

Easing Maintenance Works For Pneumatic Equipment

For a maintenance of pneumatic equipment and air-line, drainage in compressed-air causes miscellaneous troublesome and the downtime of operation is increasing accordingly.
The interval-time for replacement of parts also gets shortened.
Reduction of maintenance-work is materialized by using DRY SEPARATOR.

Easing A Maintenance Works For Pneumatic Equipment

Best-Matching as a supplemental equipment to other drainage removers in use

For water content, moisture is normally eliminated by an after-cooler, air-tank,freezing dryer or absorbent system equipment, according to the type of application.
Since the compressed air may contain moisture with re-condensation while passing through a long air-line, DRY SEPARATOR is effective at the end of air-line.
As to oil-mist, an oil-mist filter can remove it. And DRY SEPARATOR can improve the interval time of replacement with the oil-mist filter by eliminating oil-droplets and large size of oil-obstacles.

other drainage

DRY SEPARATOR has many advantages in comparison with other dehumidifier and purifier equipment.


DRY SEPARATOR does not have any replacement parts at all. Ideal Maintenance-Free Conditions can be achieved by the package of Auto-drain and DRY SEPARATOR, automatically discharging drainage.
Just install DRY SEPARATOR in air line which has no performance-degradation and no technical troubles and you can get a stable supply of clean air due to an established durability.


No power required

No power is required for DRY SEPARATOR as it is driven by compressed air in line. So quite economical due to no electric wiring.
* Some loss of air pressure may occur due to the mechanical structure.

No power required

No replacement-parts

Operational cost never occurs because of no replacement for parts & filter.
Need not to stop a production-line for replacement of filter and parts. And free from the trouble for such replacement.


Inspection of dew-point not required

Because of Cyclone type of drainage remover, need not to do the troublesome inspection of dew-point. Regardless to temperature of compressed air, DRY SEPARATOR removes water from the air.

Inspection of dew-point

Excellent reliability

Mechanism of DRY SEPARATOR is very similar to Cyclone type of vacuum cleaner. But , DRY SEPARATOR was launched into the market before the introduction of such cyclone type of vacuum cleaner and has been marketed more than 25 years. Up to now, any major trouble has never been reported for the accumulated sales more than 15,000. And we recommend you to use DRY SEPARATOR with confidence.
Warranty period is one year to protect your use.

Excellent stability

Special design for a long equipment-life

Few performance-degradation and also very few technical trouble for a long use. Maintenance-free and keep performance for removal of drainage & dehumidification for a long time.
According to the conditions in use, a stable performance is to be kept for the duration from 7 years to 10 years by special design concept for a long product-life.

long equipment-life

Compact / light weight

In comparison with standard air dryer, compact and light weight and have no troublesome with installation. Space for installation is small, so easy to link it with air line

Compact / light weight

CFC free

Do not use chlorofluorocarbon.